Learn the basics of Colour Theory

November 21, 2013 / no comments

Colour is manipulative, controlling, enchanting and beguiling. It follows, then, that it pays dividends to learn the basics of what makes colour work and how to effectively use it in your design and branding projects. Not everyone studies colour theory at school nor has had the pleasure of reading Kandinsky’s work notes on its psychological and spiritual effectiveness.

I just discovered, however, a rather spiffy website that goes far in visually explaining the basic fundamentals of colour theory as well as providing some links to some very useful tools.

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Adobe Creative Cloud – Not for everyone!

August 31, 2013 / no comments

So Adobe have finally switched to a subscription model. There is nothing wrong with this inherently and the positive side of this method of software delivery is already apparent, more regular updates and a much smoother transition between versions. The one sticking point, however, is the price. Its simply too expensive for most to afford, add on top the ridiculous premium Adobe have added on top for users in the UK ($49.99 per month in the USA  Vs. £46.88 per month for us in the Uk – Not exactly a fair exchange rate!!) and it becomes untenable for many, especially if only needing three or four of the applications.


So thankfully, other software developers have caught up and some would say even begun to exceed the skills and knowhow of Adobe. MacAppStorm provided a list of excellent alternatives to the big apps that Adobe hawk under the Creative Cloud banner.


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