iPhone Quick Tip: Enable Field Test Mode For All Kinds Of Nifty Info!

January 26, 2016 / no comments

Todays Nebula Tip is a nifty little trick to get the signal strength to display as a number on your iPhone, enabling a much greater ease of finding a good signal when out and about.

‘By typing in a simple code on your iPhone you can enable certain information to be displayed that is otherwise kept from our reach by Apple.

The trick is enabled by dialling *3001#12345#* and then pressing the call button. Your iPhone will switch away onto a grey screen, after which you’ll see the extra information.

For me, the most useful change is it enables a number to display next to your signal strength which gives you a much better idea of how good your signal is, much better that just 4 bars at least. Maximum strength displays at around -40 and no signal is around -120.

If you would like to keep the number in the corner, instead of the usual dots, then simply hold down the power button. The message to turn the phone off will appear, and then press the home button.

The feature should then be enabled. You can switch between the two ways of viewing the signal by pressing on where they display, in the top-left hand corner.


Saving to PDF in iOS 9

October 9, 2015 / no comments

iOS 9 was released earlier in the year but it is still possible to find a gem of a feature that has gone under the radar amidst the bigger changes and additions.


Saving web content as PDF documents has always been a handy way of saving receipts or booking confirmations online without firing up the printer and wasting paper and ink.


Now you can do it on your iPhone or iPad too.


All you do is whilst in the browser, tap the share button and one of the options will be save PDF. To iBooks. Once it is in there you can organise it.

Note that if you don’t see the “Save PDF to iBooks” option, tap “More” and ensure that it’s switched on in the list of sharing options. If it doesn’t appear in the “More” section, this means that the content type you’re sharing can’t be saved as a PDF.

The Siri Enigma

December 9, 2013 / no comments

Siri was perhaps the biggest and most “new feature” of an Apple device for quite some time. How many of us actually use it in day to day life? – I for one haven’t been taking advantages of some of the cool things Siri can do and as of iOS 7 Siri has had a bit of an upgrade.

The trouble is, Siri’s repertoire is growing and its sometimes hard to even recall what you can ask Him/Her/It to get stuff done.

Heres a great video that reminds us of some of the handy and cool things that the helper with ‘tude can do!

Sapphire to make your tech sparkle!

November 12, 2013 / no comments

So according to reports it looks like Apple may be looking to replace the Gorilla Glass on its devices with Sapphire. At the moment Sapphire glass is 10-30 times more expensive than Gorilla Glass from Corning, however, it appears that Apple has invested heavily in the development of the production process of Sapphire glass (which is already used for the home button on the iPhone 5s).

Apple has made a deal with the manufacturer, GT Advanced Technologies, and together with a Solar Panel Company Apple acquired to access its Ion Particle Accelerator technology, it will be able to manufacture the thin slices of sapphire at a much lower price. This may mean that before long the entire screens of our devices will be super hard waring.

Personally, I look forward to the day that I don’t have to apply one of those awful bubble blighted screen protectors.

Call 0800 numbers from your mobile.

January 21, 2013 / one comment

Many of us rely on our mobile phones entirely. So much so that sometimes reaching for the landline to call 0800 numbers seems a bit of a faff. Many people have forgone having a landline altogether and only have a mobile at their disposal.


One of the expensive annoyances of mobile phones is that calling a freephone number from one actually ends up being quite pricey, sometimes as expensive as a premium rate call. So when your helpful bank, or government official gives you an 0800 number with the app linked to below you can call it without worrying about your bill.


Basically the app acts as a re-dialer and routes your call through a local number meaning that if your a pay monthly user it will come from your free minutes allowance or if your a pay as you go user then you will pay significantly lower per minute charges.


Take a look!


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Storm Power Pack – Juice up that Phone…

October 30, 2008 / no comments

Just came across this batter pack that claims to add an extra 20 hours to your phoning pleasure. Ther are lots of battery extenders out there for those peeps that cant get enough of the sexy gorgeous screen of the iPhone on full brightness!….this differs, however, because it also charges many other devices. Not sure how good it is as I haven’t tried one but at £38 it seems pretty reasonable and unlike many of the others it hasn’t been thwacked with the ugly stick.


Color Expert – Colour library in your pocket!

October 28, 2008 / no comments

This one is a pretty contentious issue. Can one truly work with colour on an uncalibrated screen.

Well despite my initial misgivings, yes you can and quite succesfully. Its never going to be perfect but if your a designer, work with textiles or simply want to re-decorate your kitchen you cant really go wrong for £5.99. This web app works like a charm and despite being used on a typically saturated screen, the colour matching actually isnt that bad, and goes a long way to helping choose those oh so inmportant hues.

I love that you can email the swatched you create to yourself or others as it generates a lovely image of the colours to include in the mail as well as the colour details.


Cooliris – Reloaded on the iPhone

October 28, 2008 / no comments

jeez, I just installed the iPhone App (hot of the press) thanks to the lovely Jenny Lum letting me know that its available……..crikey it works reaaaaaally well, I was expecting it to be a lot slower than the safari app but hell no…..if anything it may even be faster!

For me the killer is being able to email images direct from the application, great for doing little bits of research on the bus etc. (I know not all of you are dorky beans like me!)

Definitely get this one guys and best of all its free!


iPhone Photography Awards – Interesting Competition

October 24, 2008 / no comments

I came across this website today that is dedicated to promoting the genré if iPhone photography. As most of you will know the iPhone photographs have a certain quality about them and can make for some really interesting and diverse images.


The competition does charge a small fee for entry and there isnt really much of a prize (being featured in a book annualy is their idea of a prize…wheres the free stuff!) but its nominal (about £1.50) and just to cover their costs.


If your interested head on over!