iPhone Quick Tip: Enable Field Test Mode For All Kinds Of Nifty Info!

January 26, 2016 / no comments

Todays Nebula Tip is a nifty little trick to get the signal strength to display as a number on your iPhone, enabling a much greater ease of finding a good signal when out and about.

‘By typing in a simple code on your iPhone you can enable certain information to be displayed that is otherwise kept from our reach by Apple.

The trick is enabled by dialling *3001#12345#* and then pressing the call button. Your iPhone will switch away onto a grey screen, after which you’ll see the extra information.

For me, the most useful change is it enables a number to display next to your signal strength which gives you a much better idea of how good your signal is, much better that just 4 bars at least. Maximum strength displays at around -40 and no signal is around -120.

If you would like to keep the number in the corner, instead of the usual dots, then simply hold down the power button. The message to turn the phone off will appear, and then press the home button.

The feature should then be enabled. You can switch between the two ways of viewing the signal by pressing on where they display, in the top-left hand corner.